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Kemper Norton - Loor

by Kemper Norton

£12.00 / Sold Out

Seen as a nocturnal and corrupted sequel to their previous album, Carn (released last year on Exotic Pylon), the album’s creation was inspired by real and imagined cities from childhood, bathed in traditional folk, found sounds and community chants, celebrations and invocations. Loor (which is Cornish for moon) represents the next ambitious transmission in the expanding audio landscape that Kemper Norton are creating.

The limited first edition of Loor comes with a second disc entitled ‘Salvaged’ – a collection of rarities from the Kemper Norton archives available on CD for the first time.

The songs on Loor are a loose trilogy of nocturnal encounters, searches and awakenings, often with Kemper Norton revisiting old foes from previous albums and encouraging new treacherous encounters.

Limited 1st edition in gatefold sleeve with booklet and insert.

2CD (1st edition only). Second disc is 'Salvaged' - a collection of rarities and early works not previously available on CD.