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BLK w/BEAR - Sorry about your (remixes)


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Front & Follow releases a new selection of experimental interpretations of the Yonokiero album Blue Apples by BLK w/BEAR, known for their work on Mark Beazley's Trace Recordings, our own Long Division with Remainders and as a cornerstone of the Washington DC alternative art scene.

BLK w/BEAR sound like The Books drank a bunch of cough syrup and morphed to look exactly like Peter Brotzmann' - Isaac Linder, 2005

'...like Basic Channel at their most abstract, and after a severe nervous breakdown' - Wire Magazine, 2010

'The sound of things falling apart' - Cohort Records, 2011

Original sound files are reconfigured and fragments of melody and lyrics are rearranged to accentuate audio decay and broken communications: the melancholy keyboard line from “Sumimasen” is in place sublimated by Morse Code; the Blues-shuffle of “Casey Jnr” is bathed in whispered vocalisations and sombre clarinet tones that punctuate looping cello and percussion. “Blue Apples” is reanimated as both the deep-drone “BLK Apples” and a second reconstruction wherein the original track’s acoustic jaunt is slowed to a snail’s pace of skittering prepared vinyl rhythms, ghostly vocals and the guitar processed to recall instead a samisen.