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Sone Institute - A Model Life

by Sone Institute

£7.00 / On Sale

A Model Life brings Roman Bezdyk’s unique and ambitious style out to play again with instantly familiar loops, mid-bar trips and assorted quirk. Witchcraft and Pornography, the opening track to the album, sets off with an echolalic electric guitar riff, like Hendrix on a merry-go-round, while M’Ling introduces a spaghetti western-esque snippet that repeats catchily, like an over-caffeinated ear worm.

Sone Institute offers a soundtrack to a world that doesn’t exist (and perhaps shouldn’t), as in The World is a Confusion, where 80’s electronic beats and honking psychodrama intermingle with a vocal that makes sure we know: ‘the world is confusion, a spiral drawn in the sand…’

Where Curious Memories delved into the sonic toy box with toddler like glee, A Model Life uses Bezdyk’s highly skilled audio juggling to sure footed effect with an album that also shows off attention span and subtlety in spades.

The album features a host of guest appearances including Nils Frahm, Dale Grundle (The Sleeping Years/Catchers) and Katie English (Isnaj Dui). The stunning artwork is by Nick Cobb, from his photo series ‘The Car Park’.

‘A Model Life’ follows Sone Institute’s 2010 debut, Curious Memories, and his collaboration with Dollboy - The Sum and The Difference. He is currently taking part in the Long Division with Remainders ‘Collision/Detection’ audio series (released on Front & Follow), along with Hong Kong in the 60s, West Norwood Cassette Library, The Doomed Bird of Providence and many more, and will be touring in the autumn.