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F&F004: Sone Insitute - Curious Memories

by Sone Institute

£6.00 / Sold Out

Sone Institute is the weird and wonderful world of electronic artist Roman Bezdyk. Spinning together found sounds, classroom percussion and a host of stringed instruments, Sone Institute is a surreal and fantastical world of pure sonic imagination.

“a disorientation which oscillates uneasily between bliss and vertigo” – Wire

“Curious Memories will definitely surprise, enthral and confuse you in equal measures. It’s the work of a man with no obvious musical agenda other than to seemingly make something truly different and original.” – Subba Cultcha

In all good records shops (distributed by Cargo), and to digitally download from iTunes, eMusic, Amazon etc (distributed by State 51)

Hear samples at the F&F myspace